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Founded in 2015, as a leader in Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations in the energy industry, Beijing TRI TECH Co., Ltd. focuses on providing a full stack of intelligent operation and maintenance services for large-scale energy facilities enterprises, integrating "supervision, diagnosis, inspection, patrol and safety", with advanced self-developed high-altitude climbing robots, digital twin technology Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations software, and a new generation of testing services. The company's product business covers thermal power, wind power, nuclear power, power grid and other fields, and the self-developed TRI thermal power boiler water wall climbing monitoring robot, TRI thermal power boiler Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations four tube health analysis system and other products have been widely used in domestic major energy enterprises.
At present, the company has 49 patents and 40 software copyrights, and has led two industry standards, namely, General-purpose technology Standard for Utility Boiler Water Wall Maintenance Robot and General-purpose technology Standard for Patrol Robot of Coal Handling Gallery in Fossil fuel power station; Participated in the development of two robot standards: "Evaluation Method for Performance Degradation in Accelerated Life Test of Industrial Robots" and "Evaluation Indicators and Test Methods for Dynamic Stability of Industrial Robots".
TRI TECH has maintained long-term strategic partnership with Wuhan University, North China Electric Power University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing Posts and Telecommunications and other universities. It is a qualified supplier of State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, CNNC, CGN, SDIC, National Energy Group, Huaneng, Huadian, Datang, Three Gorges and other groups.
In the field of thermal power Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, TRI TECH has deployed wall climbing detection robots and digital twin Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations systems in Datang Wangtan, Lubei, Guoneng Jianbi, Quanzhou, Huaneng Laiwu, Changxing, as well as dozens of local energy groups, such as Zheneng Fengtai and other home appliance plants;
In the field of Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations of wind power plants, we have deployed detection and cleaning robots and Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations system products for wind turbine blades, wind turbine nacelles, wind turbine towers, etc. in Datang Chifeng, Huaneng Jingbian, Yuedian Yangjiang, Shibei Mountain and other customers, which has won a good reputation among customers.
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