Smart thermal power
Intelligent management decision system

The intelligent management decision system collects the data of various business systems in real time, and the docking systems include SIS system, ERP system, inventory system, fuel management system, financial system, etc., design and develop the business index model, and intelligently analyze the production and operation, production and operation, fuel management, financial management and other departments of the power plant. Through the establishment of factory-level data center and index center, a unified intelligent auxiliary decision-making management platform for the whole plant is established.

  • The new management "cockpit" of managers in power generation enterprises
    The intelligent management decision system carries on cross-system data analysis and data mining, and establishes the data analysis model. Integrate real-time / historical data, field equipment data, operation management data, operation financial data, establish corresponding analysis model, guide production optimization, intelligent operation analysis, assist decision support, improve management efficiency and management level, effectively reduce the workload of managers.
  • Full-dimensional analysis
    The system has more than 3000 power plant operation decision-making related business indicators, which supports online index configuration development, and can be quickly customized and adjusted according to business needs. For the analysis of production operation and equipment operation and maintenance optimization, a comprehensive analysis and evaluation model system is established from the dimensions of "reliability, safety, availability, economy, environmental protection" and so on.
  • Unified standard and efficient management
    Establish a unified data center of the power plant, obtain real-time data from multi-source heterogeneous systems, realize the centralized storage of data in different formats of the power plant, support the provision of standard interfaces to external systems in service mode, and reduce the cost of data integration. A unified index center of the power plant is established, and the business index data can be calculated in real time, so that managers at all levels can obtain accurate data timely and effectively, and it is convenient for managers at all levels to make timely decisions.