Smart Wind Power
Inspection robot in wind power engine room
The product takes the hanging rail type fan engine room inspection robot as the core, and cooperates with all kinds of sensors such as temperature vibration, sound, inclination angle, etc., to realize the multi-dimensional real-time on-line monitoring of the fan engine room and tower barrel, and to solve the problem that the frequency of fan inspection is low. the matching sensors and equipment can not fully grasp the health status of the fan cabin equipment and tower barrel.
Function of inspection robot in wind power engine room
1. Equipped with infrared cameras, high-definition visible cameras, temperature and humidity monitoring and gas monitoring and other sensors to obtain real-time information in the cabin. two。 The robot is equipped with a lifting rod, which cooperates with the head with rotatable detection angle, which makes the detection more flexible, convenient and accurate. The robot has a built-in pickup to realize the intercom and broadcast functions between the crew in the cabin and the personnel in the central control room. The robot supports automatic inspection or manual control, and has the function of avoiding obstacles; 5. The robot uses sliding contact wire for power supply and data transmission, and all kinds of data detected by the robot are transmitted back to the server in real time, and handed over to big data processing system for analysis and processing in real time. In addition to the sliding contact line, it also supports 4G/5G or wifi for data transmission. 6. The real-time visual monitoring system based on digital twin, big data and 3D model can see the current position and checkpoint data of the robot in the 3D model. 7. Intelligent recognition: through the visible light camera, combined with intelligent recognition model, the robot has a variety of recognition and analysis capabilities, including meter recognition, run-off leak recognition, abnormal noise analysis and so on. 8. The inspection robot is supported by a powerful background big data platform to store massive sensing data in real time. 9. Robot task management supports comprehensive inspection, routine inspection, special inspection, special inspection, custom tasks, map point selection, task display and other functions. 10. The system can realize the real-time alarm function according to the data read by the robot and the threshold setting of the monitoring point.