Smart Wind Power
Intelligent Operation and maintenance Management and Control system of Wind Power

With the rapid development of wind power industry, the mode of wind power production and operation has also changed and is developing in the direction of centralization, sharing and intelligence. Based on the Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence and robot technology, the wind farm intelligent operation and maintenance management system realizes the centralized management of wind turbine sensing data, external environment information, robot inspection information, daily equipment ledger and other data. the centralized management of data further promotes the intelligent operation and analysis of wind farms, intelligent inspection of wind turbines, health management of wind turbine equipment and personnel safety management. Gradually realize the automation and intelligence of operation, and realize the goal that the wind field will gradually become less manned and then unmanned.

  • An overall overview of wind farm units
    Based on WebGIS technology to achieve the overall monitoring of the whole wind field, real-time display of fan distribution, fan operating status and external environment and other information on the map. When a fan of the motor can enter the three-dimensional model screen of the fan.
  • Wind turbine digital twin
    The accurate 1:1 scale modeling of the wind turbine supports the accurate 3D model restoration of the whole wind turbine and the core components. The basic information of each component, robot inspection trajectory information, sensor data information, equipment fault information and so on can be displayed on the three-dimensional model.
  • Real-time monitoring and remote control of robot
    Through the web real-time monitoring and control interface provided by the system, the real-time monitoring and remote control function realizes the display of the real-time status of the robot, real-time picture of the working area, real-time monitoring data and inspection tasks, as well as the remote control of the robot, including robot start and stop, head position control and so on.
  • Wind turbine image recognition
    Intelligent model: built-in artificial intelligence models such as meter identification, leak detection, smoke and flame, personnel illegal operation, etc., which meet the requirements of internal inspection in the engine room, to achieve real-time monitoring of the internal situation of the engine room, real-time alarm.
  • Intelligent diagnosis model of wind power equipment
    Based on the sensor data collected from the wind turbine SCADA and the data collected by the robot patrol inspection, the intelligent diagnosis of the core components of the wind turbine is carried out based on the parameter diagnosis method, the excitation diagnosis methods such as vibration and temperature and the artificial intelligence diagnosis method, and the overall analysis of wind turbine health is realized.
Product parameters
Main equipment of fanAlgorithm name
Main axleBad Lubrication Model of main bearing
Damage alarm Model of Spindle bearing
Gear boxSound anomaly model
Abnormal model of two-stage parallel gear train in gearbox
Abnormal model of low speed stage of gearbox
Damage Model of High Speed bearing in Gearbox
Damage Model of High Speed Gear in Gearbox
Diagnosis model of abnormal vibration of gearbox
Abnormal diagnosis Model of Oil temperature and Oil pressure in Gearbox
Shaft couplingDamage model of coupling
GeneratorAbnormal heat dissipation model of generator bearing
Damage alarm Model of Generator Drive end bearing
Damage alarm Model of non-driving end bearing of Generator
Leaf bladeEarly warning model of blade aerodynamic damage
Flat Street diagnosis Model of Blade Angle
Abnormal diagnosis model of blade speed
Tower tubeVibration anomaly model
Conversion currentAbnormal heat dissipation model of converter
Converter IGBT anomaly model
Cooling systemWater shortage or leakage model of water cooling system
Poor model of water-cooled heat dissipation capacity
Heat dissipation model of generator
Model of heat dissipation in gearbox