Smart Wind Power
Cleaning and testing robot for wind power tower

The main work includes oil pollution cleaning of tower tube and non-destructive testing of welds, as well as high-definition real-time monitoring capability of the whole process. The robot system includes tower wall-climbing robot body, oil cleaning module with recovery function, pressure pump system module with high lift, nondestructive flaw detector module based on phased array flaw detection technology, high-definition camera monitoring module and other operation modules as well as ground remote personnel control system.

  • Nondestructive testing
    The nondestructive testing module based on phased array flaw detection technology is mainly composed of ultrasonic probe, ultrasonic module loading mechanism and coupled liquid spray. The utility model is composed of a nozzle, a diaphragm pump, a coupling liquid reservoir, etc. The holding mechanism is fixed at the front of the main platform of the robot and the diaphragm is pumped. The coupling liquid is sprayed to the monitoring area such as the weld through the nozzle, and the ultrasonic probe completes the weld flaw detection.
  • Oil pollution cleaning and recovery
    It is mainly composed of three groups of electric brush tray, sprinkler, cleaning fluid reservoir, diaphragm pump and corresponding auxiliary loading mechanism. The support is fixed on the main platform, the brush disc is fixed on the support mechanism, and the three groups of brush plates are arranged one by one, which can cover the wide area of 780mm. The support mechanism is designed in segments, and the hinged position can adjust the relative angle, so that the brush disc can adapt to the curvature of the surface and ensure the cleaning efficiency. At the same time, the brush disk is driven by the motor to do directional rotation movement, and the diaphragm pump connects the sprinkler and the cleaning fluid memory to spray the cleaning fluid on the brush cleaning disk, and the rotation action of the cleaning plate is used to clean the oil. The module is also integrated with a sewage recovery tank with a scraper, which can collect the excess sewage liquid and other guides to the space installed in the belly of the platform, carry out sewage recovery and avoid polluting the rest of the wall. The storage capacity of the cleaning solution is 4 liters, the cleaning area of a single brush plate is 0.12m2, and the cleaning width is 780mm. The cleaning efficiency can be ensured by matching the appropriate robot speed.