Smart thermal power
TRI Water Wall climbing Inspection Robot

The core of the robot is equipped with visual inspection and non-destructive thickness measurement function module, which can complete the comprehensive inspection of boiler water wall efficiently, safely, accurately and stably, and can quickly measure the wall thickness. identify the wall and burner soot blower and other visual defects, and by the matching control system for real-time display and intelligent analysis, compared with manual work, the comprehensive maintenance efficiency can be increased by more than 30%.

  • Function "3000N"
    In addition to visual inspection and non-destructive thickness measurement, the robot also supports customized extension of a variety of functional modules, such as wall ash removal functions (drum, high-pressure water), 6-axis degree-of-freedom manipulator HD camera (burner, soot blower visual inspection), wall defect marking, wall pipe welding, etc.
  • "the combination of software and hardware", the maintenance operation is efficient and accurate
    The robot has a supporting background control system and a safe anti-falling system, which can ensure the safe and stable operation of the robot, and realize the functions of monitoring the state of the robot body, monitoring the working environment, monitoring the operation data, reviewing the inspection process, exporting the inspection report and so on.
  • "Machine for human" is safer and more stable.
    Instead of manual detection, the robot can realize the comprehensive general inspection of the water wall, avoid missed detection and misdetection due to differences in artificial experience, attitude and emotion, and improve the reliability of the detection data. in addition, the size of the robot body can pass through the manhole door, the operation is very convenient, there is no need to build scaffolding, does not rely on the lifting platform, and the robot adopts permanent magnet adsorption technology, which is not affected by power supply, and the wall stability detection operation can be realized.
Operation efficiency description

Taking the 600MW unit as an example, the width of the furnace is 19.4m, the height of the furnace is 67m, the height of the water wall is 50m, the number of tubes is about 600m, the diameter of pipes is 38, and the working area is about 3880 square meters. The detection efficiency of each operation module is as follows:

Job moduleWork efficiencyLong working hoursRemarks
High pressure water cleaning3.2 million / min25 hoursSuitable for furnace type of non-dry slag dredger
Drum ash cleaning5.4 million / min20 hoursSuitable for furnace type of dry slag dredger
Visual inspection2.5 million / min28 hoursIt can work at the same time as bulging and thickness measurement.
Non-destructive thickness measurement (single probe)9m/min82 hoursThe efficiency of multi-probe increases exponentially
Non-destructive thickness measurement (3 probe)27m/min28 hours--
Non-destructive thickness measurement (5 probe)45m/min18 hours--
Bulging detection1.4 million / min30 hoursGenerally, only the wall tubes of key parts such as burners and soot blowers are detected.