Smart thermal power
TRI Coal Transportation Corridor hanging Rail Inspection Robot system

The robot is highly integrated artificial intelligence algorithm, equipped with a variety of sensors, and can collect real-time data such as image, sound, infrared thermal image, smoke, concentration of many kinds of harmful gases, etc., and carry out advance prediction and early warning of equipment failures in all kinds of locations. reduce fault downtime, achieve a complete replacement of traditional manual inspection, suitable for power plants, chemical plants, coal mines, cement plants and other large facilities and enterprises It is estimated that 200000 yuan can be saved for enterprises every year.

  • "0" manual inspection, intelligent and efficient
    The robot is highly integrated artificial intelligence algorithm, equipped with a variety of sensors, can 100% replace the traditional manual inspection operation mode, and realize the whole scene monitoring of the coal belt conveyor, including belt running deviation real-time monitoring and fault prediction, foreign body intrusion monitoring and alarm on the belt machine, side coal spreading monitoring and azimuth alarm, all coal conveying belt line roller, drum infrared temperature alarm and so on.
  • Real-time online monitoring
    The product supports mobile on-line monitoring; big data long-term storage of time series data and video data; built-in artificial intelligence analysis and control platform to support common scenarios such as belt tearing, belt deviation, coal sprinkling, foreign body identification, personnel safety and so on.
  • Integrated linkage, advance early warning
    The product supports the integration with the existing fire protection, security, access control, video and other equipment in the power plant, and realizes the signal interaction between the systems, and links with video surveillance and robot according to the plan to ensure the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of the coal transportation corridor to the maximum extent.
Technical parameters of robot
External dimensionLong 320mm × wide 210mm × high 317mm
Ready weight10kg
Walking speed≤ 0.6m/s
climbing ability≤ 35 °slope
Turning radiusHorizontal ≥ 800mm
Rotation angle of headHorizontal 360 °, vertical-25 ∽ 90 °
RGB camera1080p pixel
Thermal imaging cameraResolution: 240-160, temperature measurement range:-20 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃
Environmental sensorSmoke sensor: 300-10000ppm
Methane: 0-100%
Dust & temperature and humidity: 0-1000ug/m3
Carbon monoxide: 0-2000ppm
Sound pickup20Hz~20kHz120dBSPL
Positioning modeRFID tag positioning
LightingInfrared assisted lighting
Range of voyage5-8km
Charging time2 Hours
Operating temperature-30 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
Storage temperature-40,85 ℃
Working humidity50.95%, non-condensing
Protection gradeIP66