Assist top-notch energy enterprises in their
intelligent transformation and upgrading
"Supervision, diagnosis, inspection and inspection"

Advanced self-developed high-altitude wall-climbing robots, digital twin intelligent operation and maintenance software and new generation testing services to provide energy large-scale facilities enterprises with full-life cycle products and services integrating "supervision, diagnosis, inspection, inspection, inspection and security".

Build an intelligent operation and maintenance management and control platform with equipment health and personnel safety as the core

TRI TECH products have been widely used in first-class power generation groups such as State Grid, Southern Power Grid, China Nuclear Power, China Guangdong Nuclear Power, SPIC, State Energy Group, Huaneng, Huadian, Datang, Yangtze River three Gorges and so on.

Smart Thermal Power

Based on multi-type intelligent operation robot and digital twin software system, six dimensional problems of power plant fuel system, boiler system, rotation system, electrical system, personnel safety and management decision are solved, and an effective solution is provided for integrated intelligent operation and maintenance of thermal power plant.

Smart Wind Power

Wind power based on digital twin technology can only operate and maintain the management and control platform, and its functions cover equipment monitoring, equipment inspection, equipment diagnosis, Internet of things, big data, 3D / VR, etc., which can effectively ensure the safe and intelligent operation and maintenance inside and outside the tower barrel, engine room and blade.

Data Center

The integrated Big data platform is a smart infrastructure center that integrates the collection, governance, storage, calculation and multi-dimensional visualization of power plant production data and management data.

The platform will use data as a valuable asset in core application scenarios such as equipment monitoring and warning, equipment diagnosis, unit operation optimization, and enterprise business decision-making, which can bring enormous value to the work of power generation enterprises in areas such as operation, production, operation, safety, and environmental protection.

TRI TECH the leader of intelligent operation and maintenance in energy industry.

TRI is one of the few domestic service providers with the strength to provide full-stack, full-life cycle integrated intelligent operation and maintenance solutions for thermal power, wind power and other fields, and is an absolute leader in the field of intelligent operation and maintenance of large-scale facilities in the energy industry.

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First-class energy companies choose TRI TECH

TRI TECH is a qualified supplier of State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, China Nuclear Power, China three Gorges, China Huaneng, State Energy, State Power Investment, China Huadian, China Datang, State Investment Power, China Resources Power, China Coal Group, China Guangzhou Nuclear Power and other leading enterprises.

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